Monday, February 27, 2006

The Secret To Google's Success

The Secret To Google's Success

Interesting article in business week.


Blogger chompi said...

Wow! These guys are good. The whole theory behind auctions is subjective though. It takes into accound the perceived notion of a right price from bidders point of view. And perceptions do change.

I think a lot of the "premium" built into the first-price is related to the hype around Google being the best in search engine. It is true that they are indeed the best, but their competetors are catching up. I can already see this duel between Google and Yahoo evolving into a classic "John Nash" style price war eventually settling into an equilibrium - can you say Cola wars?

True we're far from that time yet but remember I called it first here on Quaestors :)

The intangibles within Googles revenue pipe and the mystery behind their product/service pipe dont give me warm fuzzies as an investor. As a technologist though, I admire their ability to come up with interesting solutions - they always seem to have a different perspective, often a unique one and often not too different from the consensus, but just different enough to give them some hoorays (and dollars).

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